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Let the world fall in love with Taolu, Zibo

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-11-24
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Zibo is one of the five ceramic production bases in China. The long-standing pottery culture and ancient pottery culture of Zibo in various periods all exude the charm of ancient Chinese culture. Stepping on the town of taoliu in Zibo, we will be deeply attracted by the strong cultural atmosphere of ceramic and glass. The scattered abandoned wowowotou kiln is the historical recorder of the ceramic industry for nearly a thousand years. Here, we gather the sense of historical massiveness, modern art and fashion.

In 2019, "the first national creative design competition of taoliu" was held in Zibo. The theme of the competition was "Chinese gift". The famous experts and judges of taoliu came to comment and guide the practitioners of taoliu in Zibo. They had the opportunity to face-to-face communication with the masters of "national brand" and provided a stage for their skill improvement. And ceramic masters have expressed their appreciation for the beauty of culture, creativity and integration of "Zibo elements".

Taoryu, Zibo, is facing opportunities as well as short board. It is a new challenge for taoryu people to do well in technology, green and fashion. The core competitiveness of the world ceramic industry is materials. Zibo Ceramics has experienced Phoenix Nirvana, exploring research and development in the industrial chain and raw materials. Now Zibo Ceramics are all new materials invented by Zibo people from inside to outside, running through the whole production process, from porcelain to glaze color, which can be called worthy green ceramics. Zibo's ceramic heritage has been greatly developed in the historical inheritance. The ceramic Expo is not only the carnival of Zibo Ceramic mugs, but also the forefront of the communication of Zibo Ceramics Culture. Whether it's the current ceramic Expo or the 70 year exhibition in Beijing, Zibo Ceramics impresses people and can't let go.

Making the best ceramics with aesthetics

It's very hard and tiring to make pottery. Take the big pomegranate glaze, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, for example. The craftsmen worked hard for half a year and made more than 30 samples before they successfully completed the final work. It takes time and effort to complete a great work of art, but it's also a wonderful thing to be a pottery Ryu. It's pleasant to people and let people enjoy elegant and beautiful life! The real beauty of ceramics is the image and artistic conception that can bring pleasure to people. Our ancestors have already done it. The Song Dynasty pushed ceramic aesthetics to the extreme, and the officials, brothers, Ru, Ding and Jun can't surpass it up to now. Zibo porcelain aims at the extreme of song porcelain and pursuing the beauty of song porcelain, so it's no accident that Zibo celadon is popular. The Chinese are "introverted and elegant". Zibo celadon locks on the current Chinese people's desire for spiritual home, adapts to and meets the current aesthetic needs. Of course, take the method, get among them, Zibo Ceramics will not stop the pace of progress.

Ceramics should be both aesthetic and practical. There are less and less pure artistic ceramics. They pay more attention to life and further beautify the products of life. Zibo is the hometown of painting and calligraphy. I believe that the integration of art and life will be better. Fashion is to reshape the shape and the picture. For Zibo Ceramics, it has obvious advantages in the daily porcelain, especially in the products for the state banquet. But when it comes to artistic ceramics, especially some of the more individual things, it is the masters and artists in the main production areas of Southern ceramics that have a broader thinking. When a ceramic is not only a utensil used in life, but also a work of art that can make you enjoy and improve your temperament, how comfortable and wonderful life is. This is the combination of life and art. Culture, art, and painting change the environment. For young people in the ceramic industry, it is worth thinking deeply.
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