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British afternoon tea tableware - China ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-11-13
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Afternoon tea is a product of the British century, and it has become a kind of leisure habit of modern people. On the high-rise building or across the glass curtain wall, while drinking tea with Western-style pastries, watching the rush of the afternoon street, or quietly sitting alone, or chatting with one or two friends, it is inevitable to add some warmth in the dream of floating life, which is quite derived from the true meaning of the afternoon tea in the far-off Victorian era. When it comes to afternoon tea, we have to get back to the point and turn the topic back to our dining table. Tableware is a necessary element to present the effect of afternoon tea. It is said that the temptation of beautiful tableware to women will never be inferior to the persistent pursuit of clothing, makeup and food. Today's tableware is not only a synonym for holding utensils, but also a pure and beautiful art enjoyment. Exquisite artists give them life and content. The humble tableware has formed a kind of life attitude and pursuit. Today, let's spend this refreshing and romantic afternoon tea time together in this hot summer, and tell the beautiful mood of afternoon tea in the name of tableware.

Sweet atmosphere: three dimensional flower tea tableware

The cool color carving and bright color match each other, not only can bring a little cool for this midsummer, but also can create a warm and elegant dining environment through visual stimulation.

Elegant and cozy: British afternoon tea tableware

Brief content: in many western families that pay attention to food atmosphere, there will be a set of precious, even ancestral tableware, which will be placed in the most prominent display cabinet at home, and only when entertaining important guests or in major festivals, it will be taken out for use.

Elegant and cozy: British afternoon tea tableware,custom ceramic coffee mug

White Fine Bone China has always been a great love of the heart. Women who have seen sex and the city should be impressed by the four charming and full of personality women in the play. These four mature women hardly cook. Most of the gathering scenes are in fine restaurants, tasting red wine or enjoying fine food, chatting about life and men. The afternoon tea tableware used to enjoy delicious food and good times should be simple and casual in appearance and of good quality. And white bone china, due to its own characteristics, is also an artistic beauty in the light of soft light, graceful flowers give ignorant tenderness. Floating to think of the girl in white dancing in the wind, the blushing face looks at the young man in front of you with shy eyes, and gives you all the most beautiful, pure, simple and pure true feelings.
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