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Difference between fine bone china mug and porcelain mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-8-7
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,1. Raw materials

The main component of Fine Bone China mug is high value natural bone powder. The production method is to add more than 30% herbivorous animal bone powder (tricalcium phosphate) into the ceramic clay. The finished bone porcelain is lightweight, compact and hard (twice as much as the daily-used porcelain), not easy to wear and tear, with proper transparency, heat preservation, and natural bone powder with unique natural milky white color. Among them, more than 40% of the articles made of bone powder are more creamy white, which belongs to fine bone china.

2. Appearance

The color of Bone China is natural Milky white, which is unique to natural bone powder. Generally speaking, porcelains containing 25% bone powder in raw materials can be called bone china. It is internationally recognized that the content of bone powder is higher than 40%. The best Bone China generally contains 51% of high-quality bovine bone powder. The composition of bone powder is more than 40%, and the color of utensils is more Milky white, which belongs to high-grade bone china.

3. Production

In the firing process of fine bone china mug, the physical and chemical indexes such as regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and so on are required to be very high, so the reject rate is very high. Because of exquisite materials, fine production and strict standards, the value is higher than other kinds of ceramics. With the unique firing process and the addition of bone carbon, the impurities in the clay are eliminated. Bone porcelain appears to be more white, delicate, transparent, lightweight, with few defects. It is thinner than ordinary porcelain and has a special sense of visual cleanliness. Its strength is twice as high as that of ordinary porcelain. The higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of clay, the easier it is to crack in the process of making, the higher the technology is needed in forming, which increases the difficulty of firing, so it is more precious.

4. Advantages

Bone China has many outstanding advantages: fine texture, milky white body, translucent in the light, the most valuable is much lighter than ordinary ceramics, bone china maintenance is simple, stained with oil to clean, do not need detergent, just clean with warm water. It can be put into the sterilizing cupboard to sterilize at high temperature. If there are scratches, you can use toothpaste to gently polish, if there are tea stains, you can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean. Bone china tableware is a complete set, each set has a poetic and picturesque name, such as "charm fragrance", "centuries of harmony", "lotus pond moonlight", etc. Each set of tableware pattern with an expression, creating an atmosphere, therefore, which kind of decoration style of house, which style of bone china meal to choose. Yes, it's the personality and style of the host. Every meal of the day, feast at present, with enough graceful Bone China loaded, will show extraordinary style.
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