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What should we pay attention to before using the new ceramic mug

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From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Because of the different materials used in tableware, the price of imitation porcelain tableware varies greatly in the market. The wholesale market may sell for three or four yuan, while in large supermarkets it can reach more than 10 yuan. But only from the appearance, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of imitation porcelain tableware, and relevant experiments must be carried out to identify them. For example, when tableware is soaked in water or stored in high temperature food, formaldehyde or pigments in inferior tableware may "run" out, emit a pungent odor or fade and whiten, especially new tableware, which is harmful to human body due to its fresh production. Chemical elements remain on the surface of tableware, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to see with the naked eye.

Many people don't know anything about the new ceramic cup they just bought. It's dangerous. Whether it is imitation porcelain tableware, ceramic tableware, other tableware and so on, even if the purchase is qualified tableware, because it will more or less residual harmful substances in the production process, it is better to deal with them before use. On the one hand, sterilization and disinfection, on the other hand, it can also promote the dissolution or volatilization of residual harmful substances.

Before using the new custom ceramic mugs, we should pay attention to disinfection and cleaning. A simple method is to soak the tableware in vinegar for 2 hours, or boil it in water for 5 minutes, then let the tableware soak to natural cooling.
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