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Which time is the best quality ceramic coffee mugs produced?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-5-24
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,Generally speaking, the best time for all ceramic products (including ceramic cups) to be shipped is from May to October every year (the best time for consumption of ceramic products). The color and qualified rate of all ceramic cups are the best. The most important reason is the weather. Porcelain embryos are easy to dry. The oxidized impurities in the kiln will be reduced to the lowest level. There will be no black spots on the ceramic cups. Plus this period is the weak period of the ceramic market, the price of porcelain is very cheap, and the waste of ceramic cups is the best time to buy Ceramic cups.

The most difficult time to produce custom ceramic coffee cups is from November to February every year (yellow cycle of ceramic products). Because of the cold and humid weather and the high humidity, it is difficult to dry the ceramic embryos. Some air passages in the ventilated pipes of the kiln will produce oxidation, and the black spots (usually iron) will fall on the fired porcelain. In addition, the cold weather affects the working efficiency and quality of workers. Then there are glazing, and other details of the problem, the quality of the ceramic cup has a direct impact.

There are also some logistics transportation costs, glaze, labor costs, kiln costs and so on during this period of time are rising (weather times consume a lot). Especially in the past two months, every company will be busy. These various reasons combined will form a period of ceramic cups expensive, and the quality of production is not as good as between May and October, so when is the best time to buy Ceramic cups, of course, from May to October every year.
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