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Classification of Ceramic Tea cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-5-14
From Xinxiang Tea cups Manufacturer,China is an ancient country of ceramics with a long history of ceramics culture. There are many kinds of ceramics in China. Teacups are classified as follows:

According to the types of ceramics: At present, the main circulation in the market are domestic ceramics, bone ash ceramics, compact domestic ceramics, under-glaze (medium) color domestic ceramics, daily fine ceramics, ordinary ceramics and precision ceramic cookers, etc. Apart from bone china, other products are classified into inferior products, first-class products and qualified products according to the size or extent of appearance defects.

According to the ceramic tea cups, it can be divided into hard and soft ceramics. Hard ceramics are mostly fired at one time at high temperature, while soft ceramics are mainly fired at low temperature glaze at high temperature. Due to the different firing temperature and raw material formula, relatively speaking, soft ceramic glaze contains more low melting point oxides. So the glaze hardness of hard porcelain is bigger than that of soft porcelain. It is not easy for knives and forks to scratch marks when they are used. However, the glaze smoothness and brightness of soft porcelain are generally better than that of hard porcelain, which is comparatively mild and nourishing by naked eyes.

According to the decorative pattern of the flower surface, it can be divided into glaze color, glaze color, glaze color, glaze porcelain and some unpolored white porcelain according to the characteristics of the flower surface.

Overglaze colored ceramics are products made by pasting the flower paper made of ceramic pigments on the glaze or painting directly on the surface of the product with pigments, and then roasting at 700 ~850 ~C. Because the roasting temperature did not reach the melting temperature of the glaze, the flower surface could not sink into the glaze, but could only adhere to the surface of the glaze. If touched by hand, the appearance of the product has a concave and convex feeling, and the upper and lower unevenness can be observed with the naked eye.

The roasting temperature of colored ceramics in glaze is higher than that in glaze, reaching the melting temperature of glaze. Ceramic pigments sink into glaze when glaze melts, and are covered by glaze after cooling. Touch the surface of the product by hand, smooth as glass, without obvious concave and convex feeling.

Subglaze colored ceramics is a traditional decorative method in China. All the decorations of the products stop on the ceramic body and are fired at a high temperature after glazing. This kind of product is the same as the glaze color. The surface of the flower is covered by the glaze layer. Its appearance is bright and smooth, and it feels uneven from top to bottom.

Colored glazed porcelain is a kind of high-temperature color agent in the glaze of ceramics, which makes the glaze of fired products show a certain color, such as yellow, blue, bean green, etc.

White Porcelain White Porcelain usually refers to ceramics without any decoration, which sells little in the market.

Compared with the above decoration methods, the traditional blue and blue flowers are the main decoration methods, and the color comparison is monotonous and the price is moderate; the color in the glaze is richer than the color under the glaze, the product level is higher, but the process requirements are strict, and the cost is high, the price is high, and the current production in the industry is not large, so the domestic market investment is also small; It has strong sense, convenient processing and relatively low cost. At present, over 80% of the products on the market in China are glazed ceramics. Some glaze products have also reached a high-end level, new style, good quality, high price, can meet the needs of the urban high-wage class and high-end hotels, but most of them belong to middle and low-grade products, the price is moderate, and meet the needs of ordinary people's family life.
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