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Five Advantages of Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-3-19
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,In the era of advocating conservation and environmental protection, everything is available today, clothing, food, housing, all kinds of things are in this category. Now, Xiaobian will introduce some advantages of the green and beautiful ceramic mugs, so that your life will also have a "retro" breeze. Let the use of ceramic mugs also become a fashion.

(1) Because of the existence of ceramic cups, hot metal does not contact with carbon bricks directly, which alleviates the damage of penetration, erosion and erosion of carbon bricks caused by hot metal and alkaline substances. Moreover, mullite and brown corundum are advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity, which have high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of large carbon bricks.

(2) Raise hot metal temperature and reduce heat loss: ceramic mug is made of material with lower thermal conductivity than carbon brick, which acts as a barrier, thus reducing heat loss through hearth and hearth. Correspondingly, molten iron can keep high temperature, which creates good energy-saving conditions for the next process of converter production.

(3) Easy to rewind operation: Because of the insulation effect of ceramic mug, the heat loss is reduced during blast stoppage, which is conducive to resuming normal operation during rewind.

(4) Preventing the leakage of hot metal: Because the isotherm of (?) C, i.e. the solidification line of hot metal, is close to the inner surface of the furnace lining and is moved to the inner protection, and because the expansion of refractories is slightly positive, the crack of bricks is narrowed, so the penetration of hot metal is limited, so that the risk of hearth burning through is minimized.

(5) Reducing or eliminating the mushroom-like wear on the bottom of the furnace: increasing the depth of the dead iron layer while using the ceramic mug, so as to keep the high temperature at the bottom of the dead material pile and cut off its foundation, the insulated ceramic wall keeps the high temperature in the middle of the hearth and reduces the volume of the dead material pile, so in the hearth with the ceramic cup, for the medium-sized blast furnace, the dead material pile no longer exists, for the large-sized blast furnace. It is said that the dead material pile is suspended above the molten iron, and the molten iron no longer flows in a circular way, but can flow on the whole hearth surface, thus eliminating or greatly reducing the mushroom-like wear and tear.
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