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Production Process of Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-1-25
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,1, Taoni kaolin is the best raw material for firing porcelain. For thousands of years, many fine ceramics have evolved from these insignificant clays. The first process of making porcelain: Taoni is to wash out the clay into usable clay.

2. Porcelain mud washed out by piles of mud can not be used immediately. It should be separated into ceramic artworks and piled into columns to facilitate storage and billet drawing.

3. Put the stacked porcelain clay into the big turntable by drawing. Pull the porcelain clay into the ceramic blank by rotating the turntable, hand and drawing tool.

4, the finished ceramic blank is only a rudiment, and different impressions should be selected according to the shapes to be made to print the ceramic blank into different shapes.

5, the thickness of the newly printed blank is uneven. It is necessary to trim and scrape the printed blank neatly and evenly through the process of trimming. The trimming can be divided into wet and dry repair.

6, water rolling is an indispensable process, that is, to wash the dust off the billet with clean water, and to prepare for the next process of painting billet, glazing and so on.

7. Painting on the billet is a major feature of ceramic art. There are many kinds of billets. They are freehand and well-painted. Whatever the billets are, they are the highlights of the ceramic process.

8, glazed and painted ceramic body is rough and dull, but after glazing, it is totally different, smooth and bright: different glazing techniques have totally different effects. The commonly used glazing methods include glaze dipping, glazing, glazing, spraying, glazing and brushing.

9. Kiln fires last for thousands of years. After dozens of exquisitely carved ceramic blanks, kiln fires withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature, like an ugly duckling about to turn into a beautiful swan. Now the kiln has gas kiln, electric kiln, etc.

10. After several days of firing, the ceramic billets in the kiln have become exquisite pieces of porcelain, which can't wait to stand out from the open kiln door.

11. Porcelain defect repair, a perfect piece of porcelain sometimes firing out will have a slight defect, with JS916-2 (Jinsu Cheng) repair, can make porcelain more perfect.
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