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Knowledge of ceramic tea mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers    
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,As a traditional daily necessities, tea sets consume fast and have simple content requirements. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find fast and quantitative pipeline products on the market. In Dehua, there are not a few enterprises devoted to creating high-end high-quality tea products, among which Dehua Chengyi Ceramics is a representative one.

Under the guidance of "life artist", Chengyi ceramics creates a comfortable atmosphere for tea drinkers through the combination of several large series and several kinds of tea sets. From the traditional cups, teapots, kungfu tea sets, to the popular health pots, boiling teapots, all kinds of tea sets can be seen in the Chengyi exhibition hall. For example, the classic best-selling series "Huahao Yuanyuan" not only has fashionable colour and lustre, but also has a unique shape. Tea saucer is designed as petals, bowl cover is designed as flower hearts, and small tea cups with clusters of flowers are arranged in a circle, forming a porcelain flower.

Teaware is not only practical, but also essential in appearance. In recent years, Chengyi Ceramics attaches great importance to user experience and atmosphere creation, and designs scenarios for tea sets, so that tea drinkers can locate the most suitable tea sets from rational choice and sensual experience. The extreme of this personalized design is the 85 original "lucky pots" which Chengyi ceramics cooperated with famous designer Wang Gelin. These 85 products take many years. The design of each pot is endowed with unique creation, which is integrated with tradition and fashion. Take the lid as an example, there are exaggerated "unbalanced" type and exquisite "exquisite" type. For the creation of the body of the pot, it can be called thousands of strange, square with distinct edges and corners, as well as round and full oval. In the collision between classical and modern, tea drinkers can find their own stories.

The same pursuit of tea ware porcelain to achieve the ultimate Jude art porcelain, there is another way. The "white" of Dehua Porcelain has been spreading for thousands of years. Zeng Yiteng of Jude Art Porcelain has repeatedly explored and innovated in the traditional formula. He has launched the "jade words" series of jade-grease white, whose material texture is similar to that of jade, non-jade, clean and elegant. It can set off the light color of tea soup while drinking tea, and add a more elegant mood. Another way to adorn Jude's art porcelain is to adorn the mug with fine brushwork. Such as "one belt and one road" series, combining the image of "road" and its homophonic animal image "deer" skillfully, expressing the great leap of the Chinese dream with the beauty of traditional allusions and keeping up with the theme of the times.
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