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Types of ceramic mugs materials - feldspathic porcelain Mugs

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From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,"Feldspar porcelain" is currently widely used in domestic and foreign domestic ceramic. It is made of feldspar, quartz, kaolin and other raw materials in a certain proportion, in which feldspar acts as a flux. The firing temperature is generally 1250~1350 degrees centigrade, and some porcelain factories have been fired at 1400 degrees C.

"Feldspar Porcelain" is white and transparent. Its cross section is shell-like and impermeable. Its water absorption rate is 1% for ordinary porcelain and 0.5% for fine porcelain. It is also called "high temperature hard porcelain" because of its hard ceramic, high mechanical strength and good chemical properties. Because of its fine workmanship, regular shape, thin and delicate tires, various glazes, delicate and bright, decorative methods and rich colors, it is also called "high temperature fine porcelain". It is suitable for making tableware, tea sets, and decorative porcelain and decorative porcelain, porcelain carving and other decorative porcelain.
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