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Types of ceramic mugs materials - Stoneware Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2018-11-12
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,With the progress of science and technology, according to the use of local raw materials and different formulations and production methods in different regions, ceramic mugs on the basis of pottery and porcelain have been studied and produced many varieties.


The name of "stoneware" comes from Western Europe. It was translated as "stoneware" in Japan and then introduced into China. In order to meet the needs of international trade, it was named after "stoneware".

"Stoneware" belongs to the category of porcelain, also known as "stoneware". It is fired by oxidizing flame and the general temperature is 1230~1270 C. Stoneware tire is thicker, its section is stone-like, its permeability is less than 3%, its deformation is small, its mechanical strength and compressive strength are high, its wear resistance, thermal stability are good, and its acid resistance is strong (except HF hydrofluoric acid). It is suitable for mechanical washing. Raw materials are generally available locally, with abundant sources and low product prices. Therefore, stoneware and tea sets, especially glazed knife-and-fork-resistant, are suitable for making western tableware. They are the best-selling and most popular products in the world and become indispensable catering utensils for hotels, families and restaurants. "Stoneware" has good performance, so it can also produce sanitary ware, acid proof container and so on. The shape of stoneware is usually straight cylindrical. Soft corner lines (turning lines are not obvious and arc are used in line angle processing, which has simple, thick and rough style. Thick, round and thick, not afraid of hitting, also known as "thick tire porcelain".

"Stoneware Mugs" porcelain has poor transparency. It is mainly white glaze, sometimes with color glaze, decoration mainly with color glaze and underglaze color edge, line or color block. The picture is suitable for a uniform style of decoration, shape and decoration. Patterns are mostly decorated on plain tires and then fired with transparent glaze; some are painted on the glaze, mostly by spraying method, and can also be used with silk screen paper.

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