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Bright Yellow Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2018-9-13

Bright Yellow Ceramci Mugs

Beautiful color glazed with OEM design. it is the great choice for the promotional gifts.

1. The material of the coffee cup
The simplicity and roundness of the porcelain cup indicate different coffee attitudes. The ceramic cup has a strong texture and is suitable for deep roasted coffee with a strong taste. The porcelain cup is light in texture, soft in color, high in density, and good in heat preservation. It can make the coffee in the cup lower the temperature more slowly, and it is the best choice to express the coffee flavor.
2. The size of the coffee cup of the coffee cup
Small coffee cups (60ml~80ml) are suitable for tasting pure high-quality coffee, or strong single-origin coffee. The amount of one bite can make the coffee's aftertaste linger and show the exquisite flavor of coffee.
Regular coffee cups (120ml~140ml), common coffee cups, usually choose this cup when drinking coffee, there is enough space, you can make your own, add milk powder and sugar.
Mug (above 300ml), suitable for coffee with a lot of milk.

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