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The production process of ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
First, wholesale ceramic mug mud and clay
Kaolin is the best material for porcelain firing thousands of years, how many of these fine ceramics are evolved from humble clay, porcelain of the first process: mud and clay, is scouring the clay into porcelain clay available.

Second, the pile of mud
Amoy good porcelain clay and not immediately available, to the separated, stacked into a column, for use in storage and throwing.

Third, casting
The pile into the big turntable good porcelain clay, through rotating turntable, and throwing hand tools to pull into porcelain clay porcelain blanks.

Fourth, India blanks
Good porcelain bodies were pulled just a prototype, but also need to select a different shape to do an impression of the porcelain bodies were printed in a variety of different shapes.

Fifth, repair billet
Uneven thickness just printed blank, blank repair of this process needs to be neatly printed blank scratch repair and symmetry.

VI Na water
Na Water is an essential process, which uses water wash away the dust on the blanks, blanks for the next painting, glazing, and other processes are well prepared. ceramic mugs sublimation wholesale

VII, painting blank
In the blanks on the painting is a major feature of ceramic art, paintings have a good variety of blank, there are decent, there is a sticker good drawing paper sketch, no matter how the painting process of ceramic blanks are the crowning touch.

VIII, glazing,
Painting a good porcelain bodies, rough and astringent stay, having a good after the glaze is completely different, smooth and bright: different glazing techniques, have completely different results.

IX kiln
Millennium kiln fire, endless stretches, after dozens of fine porcelain bodies carved tools, subjected to thousands of degrees in the high temperature kiln Shaolian, like an ugly duckling of a U.S. line swan reach.
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