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Look at the Cup, as a Gaze be Caught off Guard.

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-4-18

Look at the Ceramic mugs suppliers, as a Gaze be Caught off Guard

One day after the Spring Festival, noisy has passed, on noon to go to the forest porridge to discuss this year's design and planning. in fact, it is to drink tea & chat . The courtyard of the spring has been exposed, a touch of green people have no reason to be happy, the sun from the yard of the head quietly moved to the other end.

Came out, My friend present me one cup. Yes, I like this cup. People and things will love at first sight, one day you see a stone, eyebrows, one day you see a cup, wanted to hold it every day.

My friend said it called the cup of cigarettes. A few years ago he want to to stop smoking, in the busy work of the intermittent, a bucket of smoke to his very comfort. When he made a cup, he pulled the shape of the pipe, and he made the utensil, and he would share and convey his own emotions. Shanghai famous Liu Dan house painting ladies figure, each cool cool love his wife, that share of natural rate, the share of love from overflow,

Device type simple and honest, will think of apples or pears, there are fruits and vegetables mature condition. Cups slightly received, the mouth is not made into thin slices, slightly moist, drink when the touch of the lips soft waxy practical. Like the handle of the tip of the Alice, like a dragon jump out, just the thumb press the structure, comfortable to the intimate sense of control.

With his hands holding a cup of hot tea, drums of the cup body as set specifically for the palm of your hand, cordial, peaceful, according to those who do not exist in the moment, think of gifted beauty of advertising: want to hold you in the palm of your hand.

Glaze material is very interesting, is the yard of pine and camphor leaves mixed with vegetation ash, this kind of grass ash after burning, the cup body will have a ripple, looming flow, such as streams, rain marks, natural texture, no Carved traces. Nian a mushroom, I saw it in the soil and moss in the way, picked up the cup, I thought it is also the mountain grow out.

The touch of the cup body makes me quite pleasantly surprised, really want you to touch the cup. Previously saw the article describes the woman good skin, will use the "creamy" word, people fascinating and curious, I think now I know what kind of texture is a creamy. Soft, moist, it will pass your body temperature.

Sun Wei said that the hand cup will do a lot, but because the hand will lead to easy to handle the handle, the cup body is also easy to deformation, and finally fired a few, satisfied with even less. A kiln out to pick out two, repeated scrutiny, the kind of love and affection, only craftsmen know.

The fruit carefully mug carefully washed, received in the cupboard, sealed for some more than 20 years of past events. I have a new cup, ushered in a new style, but also ushered in some new praise, every person said, "This cup is really nice", for a person who admires vanity, this is nothing more than spring breeze blowing Let me quickly forget the guilty of the majesty.

I took the cup, walked on the table, the meeting room, and the mac and the mouse, and walked between the colleagues and the customer, and since then it will accompany all my joy, pride, tangled and collapsed. It makes me often ancient and modern time and space staggered, as well as between the office and the sense of trance between the mountains, the kind of short escape escape.

Between us there are some strange, idle when a cigarette, looked at it, as staring at a burst of friendship.

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