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Sublimation Color Glazed Ceramic Mugs Custom from China

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Sublimation Color Glazed Ceramic Mugs

It is perfect choice for gift.
What is a mug? Mug is the home of a cup, also known as the ceramic cup with handle. Often used in coffee, milk and other hot drinks. The cup body usually in standard cylindrical or cylindrical and one side is provided with a handle; for most materials, porcelain, glass, ceramic and stainless steel and plastics, and because of its made of natural stone, so the general market price is higher.
Mug types
According to their love and mug can be envisaged by the other is made, the cup body can be designed into animal, plants, and other various other characters, but also the large and small, the double letters, color, and so on, vacuum shape mugs on the market.
Mug features
Compared with the ordinary Chinese cup, mug not only larger, and the cup body is relatively thick, it has maintained the characteristics of hot temperature, easy to use, the majority of the market or to porcelain mug will be placed directly in the dishwasher and microwave oven, it can be according to the product description to mug the use and maintenance of course.Custom Sublimation mugs

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