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How to Identify the Quality of the Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-2-27

How to Identify the Quality of theCeramic Mug Suppliers

Also known as mugs, ceramic mug with handle, coffee cup. The material for porcelain or ceramic, such material manufactured glass not only material safety, high temperature resistance, and good insulation effect, so is often used to make tea and coffee. Next, I will introduce how to identify the mug is good or bad, the key to see the following five aspects.

First, look at the surface. Is the first step we identified things, when we picked up a mug, look at the appearance, texture, appearance of glazed Mug good smooth, bright color, cup cup body without deformation, the second is to look at the cup handle is upright, if there is skew phenomenon, so that the cup is a defective.
Second, listen to the sound. Listen to the voice of the mug, we can use a finger flick cup, good mug will issue the tinkle, if the sound is not clear, you can determine this mug of hybrid materials.
Third, touch texture. Hand to touch the cup, feel the glass is smooth, there is no pinhole, such as no exception shows that the cup is good quality, and vice versa. Especially for all ladies can touch the mug texture.
Fourth, see origin. Consumers in the purchase, in addition to the above observation, also need to look at the production, the production of ceramic cup in China now the good quality of the Jiangxi Jingdezhen, Hunan Liling, Guangdong Tangshan, Jiangsu Hebei Fengxi, Jiangyin and other places, and are mostly concentrated in the mug factory area.
Fifth, to see the face. Look at the color of the decoration of the flower is a harmonious color, flower face good cup is very uniform color, pure, bright colors, patterns are also very clear. In the case of light reflection, can reflect light, reflect a certain luster. If the flower is not good, it will look blurred, flawed, this may be the ceramic flower printing process is not good or bad quality and other reasons caused by paper.
In addition, in addition to a good grasp of the above five points, the selection of gold and silver porcelain, hand wipe, do not fade, not out of gold, inlaid solid is the top grade. This kind of porcelain Mug now more to spend beautiful decoration and win a lot of consumers love, in the selection of mugs carefully observe the decorative flowers, to pick a satisfactory products.
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