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Ceramics path of development

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
At present, Custom Lipton ceramic mugs the display art porcelain, ceramics, building and sanitary ceramics, industrial ceramics, ceramic materials, ceramic materials, ceramic technology and equipment, which in the same subject but different varieties, use of ceramic products developed always with each other to promote mutual technical progress progress. Thermal furnace and equipment innovation localization for the rapid development of the Chinese ceramics play a strong supporting role, building and sanitary ceramics scale, modern, international influence and lead the development of the development of other ceramics.

Ceramics for daily use in China increased nearly three decades of development and progress is very big, although the anti-dumping crisis, many world-class brand of household ceramics enterprises, China's ceramic enterprises not only stand out but also the development. Now people go to the supermarket to the modernization of cities, you can see many beautiful sets of domestic tableware, tea sets. However, think of the situation of contemporary Chinese ceramics for daily use when there are impression.

The first is the smaller the total economy, small scale. China looking for a huge enterprise or group over a billion dollars of hard. This lack of "big lead" in the industry to come up with a big movement behavior is difficult, this is an experience in the development of Chinese pottery. Nearly two decades of China building and sanitary ceramics can be brisk walking, because there are a dozen of them on "leading companies" in the lead. wholesale plain white ceramic mugs

The second is the development of this industry for decades nothing new ideas, lack of breath walking the road of modernization. People from the association to the business is "old ceramics," production is in the "old base", the product is a passive development. In short, do not embark on a new path.

The third is the process technology and equipment, technological progress and industrialization is low. Now almost no one in China, ceramics for daily use decent equipment production plant. Chaozhou porcelain in China, even a small factory city could not find the. This result is very backward-made equipment, but also too expensive to import to enter.

Fourth, and industrial design talent in these industries is very important "software" package inadequate. Example, there are a lot of cutlery, cups with the device type is the traditional left, there is no age of industrial production down stereotypes, same-type design, automated industrial production on the unable to start, and the United States but also practical and scientific design is very time important.

China Daily the above points do not because the ceramic industry, companies must expand their scale and to develop innovative ideas and take the road of modernization, while strengthening the technical management. The only way to grow the ranks of Ceramics, Chinese ceramics market in order to have better development.
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