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the expression of the porcelain ceramic coffee cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-12-13
Ceramic Coffee Cup Creativity: Let Us Open Mouth

Glass, household utensils, not to drink water, it still has a lot of refinement, if the decoration in addition, is also a pleasant gift. We saw more than the ordinary cup, but the texture is good or bad, the material is different, the color is different, the size is different. But there's always the cup you didn't see. Come pick up the cups that make us feel like a big mouth.

One, ABC paper cup this idea is very simple, and practical, romantic. Each paper cup or printed with a special pattern, such as a square shaped like a heart. Or printed with a capital letter in English, from A to Z. The cup and the letters and pictures of the colors are soft color collocation, together is very fresh and seductive. With these cups, there is no need to worry about taking the wrong cup on the Party. At the same time also can be creative, full of different meanings with these cups into shapes and scenes.

Two, the bench Cup this cup is very cartoon, just like the giant country to use the tea, almost the same as our use of the tea cup. But the tea cup frame, wall hanging and desktop two. Taking into account the use of children, the glass which is a vacuum, the use of plastic materials.

Three, a stack of cups can be stacked up, and a portion of the cup is designed into strips and especially long, can hang a sweet circle of bread, and the bottom plate can be placed snacks or fruit。

Four, the expression of the coffee cup "Smilecup expression coffee cup" has a lot of different expressions can be selected, including different colors. Happy breakfast or a cup of coffee in the hard work, to see this lovely smile, I think you should be a lot easier.

Five, good with the slot if you let a cup with 8 cups, need to use the tray to see them all fix. And this cup you once a hand can take 4 cups, two hands will be able to get 8 cups, so we do not need to use the tray or running back and forth. In fact, the cup is more of a slot, plus the right angle, let our fingers to use force, easily bring 8 cups a fix.

Six, the folding cup often look at fashion magazines readers know, folding cards, magazines often have a variety of samples and stuff, but now the fashion magazine is a completely hundred-percent advertising magazine. What's in the magazine today? It is a "beverage cup", of course, not glass is more unlikely to be a ceramic cup, it is a folded paper cups, the inner layer of aluminum is aluminum, you do not worry about the water will seep out. Although it is not on the eye, but the emergency use is good.

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