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The Origin of The Name of The Cappuccino, Cappuccino Coffee cups

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The origin of the name of the Cappuccino  Cappuccino Coffee Cups

Cappuccino coffee tastes good, but it is the name of the history are more knowledge, has been studied and the optimal body material changes in writing. Cappuccino history of this word, a word often enough because it seems like something that was last extended into other words, far beyond the original intent of those characters. Sounds like a complicated. After the creation in 1525 of a Franciscan friar (Capuchin) wears a brown robe, wearing a pointed hat, a Franciscan spread to Italy, the local people feel very special priest clothing, give them a Cappuccino name, the word refers to the Italy monks wear robe and a small hat from the Italian "hijab" Cappuccino.
However, the old man found love to drink coffee, espresso, milk and milk foam after mixing, color is like friar brown robe, then struck, gave the coffee with milk and milk beverage sharp bubble, named cappuccino (Cappuccino). The earliest use of the word English time in 1948, when San Francisco reported the first to introduce a cappuccino beverage, until after 1990, it became the world for having heard it many times coffee drinks. Should say the word Cappuccino coffee, from the Franciscan (Capuchin) and Italian (Cappucio), Cappuccino believes the turban original characters, never expect monk robe finally becomes a coffee beverage.
Cappuccino is a kind of change Italian Coffee, namely in concentrated coffee, pour to steam foaming milk, the coffee color like cappuccino church dark brown coat overlying the monk hood, hence the name of coffee.
Cappuccino and a monkey on it. Africa is a little monkey, has a black cone hair on his head, like Francis small hat on the robe, the little monkey is a monkey named Capuchin, the name was first used by the British in 1785.
Capuchin this word after hundreds of years evolved into coffee drinks and the monkey name, has been writing scholar about the anecdote.

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