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2016 Ceramic Knife Top Ten Brands List

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-11-25

2016 Ceramic coffee mugs suppliers Knife Top Ten Brands List

Ceramic knife as an emerging technology products, providing great convenience for people's life, people are increasingly recognized for the production of ceramic knife, ceramic knife manufacturers, people also attach great importance to, which is the strength of the brand, only the brand is good, people's recognition is also higher, the world production of many ceramic knife manufacturers, Zwilling, MITSUBISHI, Mitsubishi, Seco, Diamond Mountain small master, Salsla, Sant Vic, Sha KYOCERA KYOCERA, Kenna Kennametal, and other famous brand silvereagle.
(the following ceramic knife brand Ranking Ranking)
A China Salala as ceramic country, of course, have the best brand, more Salala, as A Well-Known Trademark in China, ceramic knife king China, was founded in 2003, modern life creative products and service providers located in "simple - Fashion - environmental protection". In 2010 the company moved to Hangzhou, and the The China Academy of Art, Department of industrial design has a good R & D cooperation, for China Mobile, construction bank, China Merchants Bank, DDT, CHINT group services.

Two Zwilling, Germany is known for its rigor, in any field, Germany has done very well, Zwilling is Germany's famous brand kitchen. In 1731, Zwilling in Germany Rhine River town of Solingen was born, this is one of the oldest symbol of human history, has become a legend, there is no general formula of steel, forging process of the ice world, become a symbol of life and the spirit of perfect extreme.
Three famous Sandvik Sandvik, was founded in 1862, the Swedish brand, is the world leading brand of cutting tool, change the industry's products by hard alloy and other hard materials processing and manufacturing of high speed steel and diamond and special ceramics, and. Sandvik champion in the world market.
Four, MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI brand began in Japan, MITSUBISHI tool is one of the MITSUBISHI group products, reputation in the tool industry, has the most advanced technology of innovation, grasp the market dynamic and fast, can provide the customer demand for products.
Five, KYOCERA, KYOCERA KYOCERA is also a Japanese brand, in 1959 as a professional manufacturer of precision ceramics in Japan, the establishment of the company, the company developed a large scale, for people to produce high-quality ceramic tool. Group companies in more than and 30 countries around the world.
Six high mountains, the Swedish brand mountain, is one of the world's four largest cemented carbide tool manufacturers R & D, production of various kinds of cemented carbide tools for development, products are widely used in automobiles, power generation equipment, machinery manufacturing, known as the "king of the milling".
Seven Kenna Kennametal Kent, founded in 1938, the world famous brand carbide tool, headquartered in Pennsylvania Larter Robbie, a total of 20 manufacturing plants, 25 manufacturing plants in overseas, Shanghai R & D center, the company all over the world.
Eight Zhuzhou diamond, diamond cutting tool is the Limited by Share Ltd of Zhuzhou cemented carbide Group subsidiary, with world-class CNC turning blade production line and non-metallic ceramic blade and structure of production line, has its own R & D center.
Nine Silver Eagle, Guangdong silvereagle industrial group company was established in 1979, main fruit knife, knife sets, kitchen knife, has many branches, the tool in the field of Chinese's large market share.
Ten young master, master of small company is located in the South China Sea "Chinese cutlery are" Guangdong, Yangjiang, is a modern enterprise with the tool oriented design and development, production, sales and service as one of the.

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