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Identification of The Qquality of Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-11-17

Identification of The Qquality of Ceramic Mugs

One, see. When we get a mug of first look at its appearance, its texture. Good Mug appearance glazed smooth, uniform color, no deformation of the cup. Then look at the cup handle is installed upright, if the skew conditions show that the cup is a defective, and not the cup body connection place appear shrink glaze, if the glass is not fine workmanship. We can also be the cup at the sun, the mug should have certain transparence.

Two, listen. Listen to the voice of the mug, we can use a finger flick Mug Cup, good mug will issue the tinkle, if the sound is not clear, you can determine this mug of hybrid materials. Also we need to hear the sound of the cup cover and the cup body, if the sound is clear and there is a small echo, then the cup quality is good.

Three, touch. Should use the hand to touch the cup body, to feel the cup body is smooth, no pinhole, no defect of the glass quality is very good. Also note that the cup at the end can not be due to improper operation of the glaze process and the phenomenon of sticky board.

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