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Hangzou 3 Men Spent 2 Years to Do the Log Ceramic Mug, MaYun and Chen Yao Also Customized

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Hangzou 3 Men Spent 2 Years to Do the Log Ceramic Mug Manufacturers , MaYun and Chen Yao Also Customized

3 million 670 thousand users onlookers, tens of thousands of people point like, get Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Shi, Jet Li, Chen Yao and other star big brother of all the favor, but also completed a $10 million financing.
Two Hangzhou after 85 is how to do?
This young team is called "quality", the founder of Shen Kemin, designer Zhang Yiyang, they spent 3 years time, make a cup. People on the Internet point of praise, but also some people call them "waste"".
Ma Yun is their idol, in the early days, they set a small goal, is to hope that their future products Ma Yun like and can use it.
This is a subversive design, before this, no one has done so. Light design, they draw a few hundred. Countless times back and forth between Jingdezhen and Hangzhou, discussion, proofing, optimization. The biggest challenge comes from the combination of porcelain and log.
To this end, Zhang Yiyang emotional collapse numerous times, as a research student in the Department of art The China Academy of Art, he found in the classroom learning and ceramics factory in the actual operation, is completely different. Do ceramics processing, do not know how to combine wood and wood, wood processing, do not know how to combine the precision and ceramics, they take the detour, have to go over.
Finally, they do the cup placed in the Ma Tai Chi Zen Court on the desk. Now, they have a network of "up and down the cup" -- ideas from "Cup" the word itself, "the left is a" wood ", on behalf of the manufacturing" Cup "material - Chinese of" wood "and" porcelain "has a special feeling, this kind of material is two can be" raised ", with the longer the more delicious."
The cup body selects the Jingdezhen ore of rare high white mud, removing impurities, retain natural pure, after a high temperature of 1300 DEG C, 24 hours of firing by craftsmen manual trimming, the cup wall is the thinnest, only 2.5 mm, in the hand more delicate; hypanthium choose whole inlet beech, after digging, grinding and other more than 10 Seiko, realizes the integrated; most praise is that the cup body under the embedded magnet, just one touch, you can seamlessly.
This cup is placed in the home with style and easy to use, after the next cup of hot tea can be split, wood can hold a cup of snacks, a variety of purposes, together can also prevent hot.
In the hand of the mind, there is a kind of warm feeling, smart and practical design, which is what we need in our life.
Black and white classic, a natural right, buy a cup of fast hold together, enjoy the fans welfare, with double linen crepe coasters.
In addition to the classic upper and lower cup, designer Zhang Yiyang also recommended two "quality made" design of small objects:
The moon is a cup, a set of four, each wooden cup handle design, a way to look at the past is returning to the moon.
Two is open, azure glaze, imitation gold ornament, open design, is the mind of Zhang Yiyang. The fresh color can be used to make breakfast dish, also can do the dishes, how to put on please enjoy the play to imagine, let more artistic atmosphere at home.

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