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Buy coffee cup to highlight their fun from china manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-10-28

Buy coffee cup to highlight their fun.

Coffee is a kind of enjoyment of life, drink cola and Sprite is not the same, if you drink, all were to break up the mood. Like tea, coffee is a little product (although Instant Coffee not what good taste, but I bet you never wanted to take him a drink, but espresso is an exception). So, in addition to the coffee itself, the choice of the cup also appears to be important (after all, you have to look at it after the coffee).

The coffee is, some people love with the texture of the ceramic cup vigorous strong masculine dress of roasted coffee (such as office work). However, people still love to use porcelain coffee and mellow detailed interpretation. Among them, firing with fine clay mixed high quality animal bone meal, light texture, color and soft, and has high insulation, can keep the coffee in the cup of warm memory. It contains 25% animal bone bone china cup really beautiful and use, but the price is not expensive, rarely used family, only in particular senior cafe or noble gentleman and high society will be more popular. If you need to find a bone china cup in the store, in the light irradiation, there will be light yellow, will tap the sound of metal light.

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