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Daughter asked to use a ceramic mug to greet the teacher

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-10-9

Daughter asked to use a ceramic mug to greet the teacher

Our home is a set of one bedroom rental, a total area of less than 20 square meters, with two beds and placed inside a wardrobe, outside a living room and kitchen, limited space for electric cars and other debris placed after more crowded. But the living room on the small table a few put good ceramic cup is particularly prominent, graceful mother Zhang Juan said, the cup in the afternoon to prepare for the early.

Because the site is small, Zhang Juan had arranged for good teachers after taking a seat, stand aside. "At noon Mr. Wang called, Tingting let me prepare: must use the ceramic cup to greet the teacher, say what hospitality is the most times of paper cups, the best is to use the ceramic cup, thanks to some time ago someone just sent a porcelain cup, today finally come in handy." Zhang Juan rubbed his hands, Han Xiao said. Wang Yue took over the incumbent, praise Tingting is very sensible, polite, able to use classroom hospitality to life.

"Listen Tingting said, her father is a taxi driver, every morning at 4 to go, at 3 pm back, mother at home with two children, now life can be difficult? What schools can help." "Tingting everyday is lie homework on the nightstand? This can't, too short, and the light is not good, great damage to the eyes." In the face of Yuan Hongwei's question, Xu Shaojun answered one by one, said he would buy his daughter to buy a desk, and then with a small desk lamp.

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