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A Ceramic Mug ceramic mugs couple suppliers from china

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-9-29

ceramic mugs couple

Now I still treasure a ceramic mug, mug age mottled body faintly visible "Long live Chairman Mao," the words. I cherish, looking at it can not help but think of childhood is sad and touching past!
I have a total of six sisters, childhood is the last century, 70 years, the state to be undone, my family life is also more difficult to face so many sisters to eat and wear, the parents did not hold anything against us, life is hardship to us Love with Canada, would rather their own hunger to feed us.
In my six years old winter, the weather was unusually cold. One night I was ready to go to bed, suddenly felt a special stomach pain, large drops of sweat from my face shed, and later pain in the bed straight roll. Family to see me, suddenly panic. At that time, poor medical conditions, there is no medical station, but also at night, can only eat some painkillers suffer ... ... In this way, parents and an older uncle all night guarding the bed, distressed at me sometimes painful Moaning, and sometimes kept spitting. Finally get to four o'clock in the morning, my father and uncle finishing some clothes, take me straight four kilometers away from the station, ready to take more than five points of the first bus to Huangtang hospital for treatment. Just leave the house, the father fell on the shoulder in my Meng's eyes, I saw my mother step by step to follow us, the mouth kept exhorting, until we go far to stop, with anxious eyes looking at us far go with……
When we came to the bus station, it was almost five o'clock. Uncle then exclaimed forget the cup and the bucket. If you go to the hospital to buy but also to spend some money, would not have been well-off on hand, and go home and lest the time too late. Wandering occasion, suddenly a figure came from the darkness, the original is the mother! I saw her out of breath, the hands holding a big round of ceramic cups and iron buckets. She found that we forgot to bring home from the past. At this time it is not difficult to imagine, on the black high wind, cold wind whistling night, my mother ran alone in the rugged mountain, she completely forgot all around! Later, I was accompanied by his family to the hospital by bus, after seven days of treatment, and finally cured the "bile duct worms," this rare disease, the successful rehabilitation of the discharged.
Ceramic cup has been with me through most of the life, I always do not want to throw it away, because it always makes me feel the thick maternal mother has left us, this ceramic cup is my motherly love Of the memories, but also motivate me to move forward the power!

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