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Important indicators of daily use ceramics

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-9-12

Important indicators of ceramic coffee mugs with handle suppliers

(1) lead leaching, cadmium dissolution

Daily ceramic products are mainly related to the health of the human body, such as lead, cadmium and other heavy metal elements dissolved. Glazed products, underglaze color glazed porcelain products, and the amount of dissolved lead and cadmium release little or no, the vast majority of glaze products of lead dissolution, cadmium dissolution rate is very low, in the range of the national standard of internal control. A handful of glaze products use inferior paint, or in the flower design on the amount of the pigment containing lead and cadmium high is too large, or when the baking temperature and ventilation is not enough, the maximum allowable limit amount will exceed the national standard. The dissolution of cadmium and lead dissolution.

(two) adaptability of microwave oven, refrigerator to microwave oven, refrigerator to oven adaptability

This indicator is 3532-2009 GB/T "daily porcelain" new increase in the use of daily ceramic products with consumers closely related indicators, is to show that the product is suitable for use in microwave ovens, ovens, the use of the characteristics of indicators.

The water daily ceramic products have a certain product, green cleaning process after use of inhaled some water, gasification process in the use of water in the microwave oven, the product may cause cracking or breakage. Very few products may be due to water gasification too fast, the water vapor cannot pass through the products without glaze way to escape, to burst in a microwave oven, oven.

(three) water absorption and thermal shock resistance

Water absorption rate is that the characteristic index densification of ceramic products after firing, water absorption index is divided according to the ceramic porcelain, bibulous rate is 0.5%, 1% and 5% respectively, fine porcelain ceramic, general porcelain, stoneware, pottery as the absorption rate is 10%. In general, the smaller the water absorption of the product, the longer the service life of the product.

Thermal shock resistance is a characteristic index which shows that the ceramic product is not a crack or damage ability, and it is an important performance index. The contact process of ceramic products for daily use for the heating of food, poor thermal shock resistance of products will lead to products broken or damaged in thermal shock effect, broken products may have lower strength and food, cause harm to the human body.

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