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Beware effort to drink tea drink should be avoided 6 Mistakes

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-8-23

Beware effort to drink tea drink should be avoided 6 Mistakes

Water is the source of life, there was a saying not without reason: "People can eat for three days, but not for three days without water," visible water is essential for human life activities. Drink plenty of water is commonplace thing, but which can have a major problem, if unhealthy drinking water, not only can not promote the body circulation, and may cause a variety of diseases. What should we do for drinking water? You should drink much water? What water should pay attention to? First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, director of infection control office Chenzu Hui told family doctor online editing, water is the more common and safe way to pay, in the selection of the cup should be particular about how much water to drink each day should be individualized consideration, in addition to the need to avoid drink some common errors.

Safe drinking water is a more economical way to pay

Pure water, distilled water, mineral water, mineral water. . . . . . . When people go to the supermarket to buy water, you will see shelves filled with all kinds of bottled water, dazzling, I do not know how to choose. The fact that many consumers do not understand the difference between these bottled water, often system called "mineral water", in fact, may buy pure water or mineral water. It is known that pure water is filtered through the separation of drinking water, filter out impurities in the water at the same time, the beneficial minerals and trace elements has been filtered out, long-term drinking is not the best choice.

"Mineral water is pure water of the city after adding minerals formed, there is no uniform national standards for quality class, and therefore not in favor of regular drinking. In fact if we pay attention to a balanced diet, can be obtained from most of the food minerals, does not need to worry too much about missing minerals. Also do not recommend regular consumption of carbonated drinks, functional drinks, you can choose freshly extracted juice or plain water if boiled water taste bad, you can choose to make tea. Overall, drinking water is a more safe and affordable way to pay. "Chenzu Hui director, he said.

Drinking glasses and try to choose non-glazed ceramic mug

Ceramic cups, glasses, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, cup mineralization, magnetic cup. . . . . . Glass types on the market is varied, the use of different materials glass water on the body affect it? Such as how do we choose?

"There is no documentary evidence to support the use of mineralization cup, magnetic cup water on human health benefits; cold water can be used with most of the cup to drink hot water, or recommend the use of non-glazed glass and the inner wall of the ceramic mug." Chenzu Hui said the director said.

According to reports, glasses and ceramic cups are safer drinking water appliances. Because the glass at room temperature even when the boiling point is relatively stable, generally do not have precipitation of harmful substances it is relatively safe, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean. The main raw material of ceramic cup of mud, non-toxic and harmless, but should be selected no inner wall glazed  ceramic mugs. We do not recommend the use of plastic cups long-term consumption of hot water, plastic cup of hot water or boiled water when toxic chemicals easily diluted in water, damage to human health.

8 glasses of water a day? How much water needs individual consideration

I believe many people have heard this statement, in order to "health" or "cosmetic", enough to drink 8 glasses of water every day. For this argument, Chenzu Hui director, said, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, and everyone how much water there is in fact individual differences. "Everyone metabolism, although the same, but the amount is somewhat different, as well as personal life trajectory is not the same, some people do manual labor, some are mental. Some are to take office as a day to go to the bathroom two or three times, in the absence of What physical labor, sweat less under the circumstances, it does not necessarily need to drink eight glasses of water a foot. "

How many seasons and drinking, lifestyle, exercise, recipes, etc. have a relationship, and thus replenish the body of water must be individualized according to each person to define the size of the volume, the amount of exercise, excretion and so different. When water should be judged according to their own feeling, thirst, dry lips, fingers sunken abdomen, which may be mild symptoms of dry, this time may be appropriately replenishment. But do not wait until thirsty to drink water, and did not provide enough for 10 cups a day have to drink eight cups.

Effort to drink tea, watch out for these errors do not drink it again

Kung Fu tea is Chaoshan region and the southern region of the Han people in Fujian tea traditional fashion. But Chenzu Hui Director reminded, drinks hot and dense kung fu tea may lead to esophageal ulcers, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and other diseases, and a cup of tea immediately after a meal, likely to cause indigestion, affect food absorption.

If the water way and the wrong time, may be hazardous to health. Apart effort to drink tea, what common errors to drink it? Chenzu Hui, director of the majority of users summed up the following errors:

1, big mouth and drink the sea. Drink lots of water can also cause water intoxication, headache, dizziness, palpitation, local gastrointestinal reactions (nausea, vomiting) and other symptoms of poisoning, and ultimately lead to human body dysfunction.

2, drink water overnight. Long home water will breed bacteria, while nitrite levels in the water rises will hinder normal blood oxygen transport function. Therefore, the best drinking water today.

3, drink thousands of boiling water. Repeated boiling water too long, nitrite levels were significantly increased. And therefore not recommended to eat hot pot too long.

4, drink beverages without water. The pursuit of taste and drink should not drink do not drink, drink boiled water should be used as the main water way of daily life. Due to the long drink which led to lack of calcium, cases of diabetes have been uncommon.

5, cough syrup addiction. There were high school students from drinking cough syrup addiction cases, antitussive drug would make the body produce dependence, then slowly addiction, long-term large doses can cause central nervous system stimulant, and even become a kind of "addiction" .

6, drink plenty of water before going to bed. It should be forbidden to drink before going to bed two hours, otherwise the child easy arousal, bedwetting; elderly nocturia get up easy to fall, affecting the quality of sleep; should also drink milk before going to bed two hours.

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