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German Ceramic Beer Mug Story from mug manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-7-25

German Ceramic Beer Mug Story

In Sixteenth--seventeenth Century, Germany prevailed in a beard bottle, the British called "Bella" (Jug Bellarmine)". This kind of pear - shaped ceramic container is a symbol of the long bearded old man face relief decoration, decorative techniques quite ancient Rome style.
The beard of the old man has two versions: one is originated in the Nordic folk tales of the mysterious savage; another argument according to 1634 a record, when some young Protestant Potter against cardinal Robert Bellah Ming anti alcohol position, deliberately decorative image of him made wine, to express the taunt of conservative religious forces.
Late Bella Ming pot also added a number of other decorations, such as the royal family or the castle of the royal family emblem or logo, or even a famous saying. For example, "eat and drink, don't forget God."." In the late nineteenth Century, some Germans emigrated to the UK, and in the United Kingdom more than a place to copy the ceramic production of such products. Since then this Bella Ming pot in Europe has become a popular form of ceramic wine cans.
Beer has long been regarded as liquid bread and the best medicine, so it led to the vigorous development of the beer brewing industry, resulting in a large number of social demand for beer drinking. Many pragmatic scientists, industry experts have been actively involved in the design and production of beer. A delicate, with the thumb button metal lid link ceramic beer cup will become increasingly popular. Artists of the Renaissance era, the Greek, Rome, a large number of themes and patterns applied to the production process of beer cup, the theme of both historical stories, myths and legends, religious scenes, etc..
In early sixteenth Century, Germany enacted the first law - Food and beverage containers must have a lid. Therefore, beer cup usually hinged with a tin lid. The metal cap which is hinged with tin, copper or silver is also attached with a thumb so that the user can use the thumb to open the lid while holding the beer cup. The metal cap of the beer cup is also an important part of the beer cup.
By the beginning of nineteenth Century, the act of "vessel must be covered" for about 300 years was cancelled. But the public has been used to have a lid of the beer cup, a glass without a lid but will be considered to be an incomplete artifact.
Typical German beer cup is at the upper end of the thin, thick at the lower end of the cylinder, the lid of the spire and, lets the user feel a castle type solid and thick, and heavy. Originated in 1810, Munich beer festival was originally called "October Festival", is the most grand festival, the festival period, the carnival from around the world can consume 6 million liters of beer. So the German beer cup is spread across the world through the culture of beer.

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