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The Glass Cup, Non Glazed Ceramic Mug is The Most Safe for Drink Water

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-7-8

The Glass Cup, Non Glazed Ceramic Mug is The Most Safe for Drink Water

Drink water, is the second only to eat the life event, and drink the cup is directly related to the life event. What cup of water do you drink every day? Whether it is conducive to health? Today we come to all kinds of cups one by one!

Stainless steel cup

Summary: the problem is not small, but do not install acidic beverages

Health index:
Stainless steel cup are alloy products, the use of improper will make the release of heavy metal substances contained in them, harm to health. In everyday use, with a stainless steel cup Sheng ordinary water, not a big problem, but not installed acidic drinks, if the juice, coffee and carbonated drinks, because it is easy to precipitate heavy metals, so even if used to drink plain water nor safe the.
Stainless steel cup, do not use strong oxidizing soda, bleaching powder, etc., these substances are easy to react with stainless steel.

Ceramic mug
Summary: the best use of non glazed paint

Health index:
Ceramic mug is divided into two kinds. The first one: non paint, colorless glaze. Health index:. Ceramic cup without glaze painting, especially the inner wall of colorless, drink water is preferred. Not only the material safety, high temperature, and relatively good insulation effect, drink hot water or tea is a good choice.
Second kinds: colorful. Health index:. Ceramic cup on the colorful pattern, in fact, is a pigment, may be hidden security risks, especially coated on the inner wall glazed, when the cup into the boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverage, these pigments are toxic heavy metals such as lead elements easily dissolved in the liquid, people drink into the liquid chemicals will on human cause harm.

Glass cup
Summary: drinking water safety

Health index:
In all the cups of material, the glass is healthy. Glass in the firing process does not contain organic chemicals, when people use glass to drink water or other drinks, do not have to worry about chemical substance can be drunk in the stomach to. And the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy to breed in the wall of the cup, so people use glasses to drink water is healthy, the most safe.

Plastic cup

Summary: easy to install hot water to release toxic substances
Health index:
Plastic cups are also not popular. Because the plastic is often added with a plasticizer, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, plastic cup with hot water or boiling water, the toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water. So, in the purchase of plastic cup, the cup must choose to meet the national standards for food grade plastic. The bottom of the cup has a small triangle symbol, which is their identity card.

PET: heat to 65, cold to -20.

HDPE: do not recommend the use of recycling.

PVC: it's better not to buy.

LDPE: heat resistance is not strong.

PP: microwave oven box, box, high temperature 120.

PS: heat and cold, but can not be put into the microwave oven.

PC other categories: water bottles, cups, bottles.

Enamelled cup

Summary: more secure, but not long time to drink acidic drinks

Health index:
The enamel cup is made of thousands of degrees Celsius boring after, lead and other harmful substances, can be assured use.
Although the enamel cup containing metal material is relatively stable, but in an acidic environment is likely to dissolve. Therefore, it is best not to enamel cup long bloom orange juice and other acidic drinks, or re Sheng ordinary water also contains metal material. In addition, the surface of enamel cup bump damage will precipitate harmful substances, should be decisive eliminated.

Disposable paper cup

Summary: health hazards, and not environmentally friendly

Health index:
Disposable cups just looks sanitary and convenient, actually the rate of qualified products can not judge, is clean and sanitary, with the naked eye also unable to recognize.
Some manufacturers in order to make the cup cup looks more white, adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. This fluorescent substance can cause the cell to produce variation, once enter the human body will become the potential carcinogenic factor. But from the environmental perspective, should as far as possible the use of disposable cups.


1 safety: glass, ceramic cup without glaze paint

2 most unsafe: disposable paper cups, plastic cups, riotous with colour.

3 note: don't use stainless steel glass, enamel cup of coffee, Orange Juice and other acidic drinks.

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