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Chinese porcelain and French dream

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
China ceramic mug is Chinese ancient following the compass, gunpowder, printing, paper after the first five inventions. Quality delicate Chinese porcelain by europeans as "platinum", they think China is China, China is porcelain, hundreds of years while China is "China" (porcelain representative China) view.

However, you believe a pure France one can design a delightful with strong Chinese wind ceramic?

Jean Boggio, a 50 year old French man, his design popular French fashion, France Baccarat, Hermes, famous brand Haviland, Ritz Longwy ever sees, his design long.

Whether silver, furniture, lamp act the role ofing, crystal, sculpture, indoor decoration, he and ease, diversification of the design is the significant characteristic. Involvement in China's porcelain is Jean Boggio for his own again the challenge, he picked from Taiwan, China brand method blue porcelain (Franz) to cooperation, the latter had won in 2002 New York gift show the best collection works award.

In cooperation Boggio before Jean didn't even been to China, but because of his mother is a antique dealer, families and others as a sailor go around the world, Jean Boggio with memory "China impression" began his law blue porcelain trip.

Jean Boggio with European architecture art, give relief of long standing and ceramic injection of fashionable feeling, make a full of French romantic and Oriental feelings of Chinese porcelain. In 2008, Jean Boggio put this series of works on a he is invited to LiMaRi national ceramics museum in France held personal 20 years creation exhibitions.

Have Oriental intention of porcelain accidentally, have noisy flowery mythology of the world, and household vogue garden, Jean Boggio make people realize, traditional Chinese porcelain, also can very fashionable.

Modern Chinese porcelain in international up-and-coming ceramic industry, make a lot of joy. Because, in Chinese ancient ceramics are international each big clap field star in China than in the development of modern porcelain inferior however many. In the international market the most famous brand, a British WeiJi wood (Wedgwood), Japan is force (Noritake) and the Danish Royal Copenhagen (never Copenhagen) of a hundred years, and symbol of "China" porcelain in this field without really get recognized representative.

For many of China's ceramic corporations, their faces a crossroads: it is a set of average unit price of $0.2 export, or in high-end department stores to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sale? The choice of the decisive factor is what? Maybe it is some unseen value, such as culture, connotation and brand.
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