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The problems in ceramic enterprise marketing

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The problems in ceramic mug wholesale enterprise marketing

1.1 backward concept of marketing, although many domestic ceramic enterprises have said that they do the "market first". "To consumer demand” as the center of modern marketing oriented, but in fact production and operation process, marketing still pursued the traditional production concept, product concept and marketing concept of the old marketing concept, which makes the enterprise in the marketing process, blindly for product development and production, the result is to increase the inventory, accounts receivable recovery trapped
Hard money was diverted, and even many ceramic enterprises in production or semi shutdown state.

1.2 investigation and Analysis on the market is not standardized, the marketing function vacancy, adapt to the market only market-oriented low level, on the basis of adaptation is the higher realm of marketing. But from the actual sales for the majority of daily-use ceramics enterprises is "fit in" with the low level, namely when the market demand is very explicit, or peers has sold what products before deciding to production and sales of the like product. Can often be waiting for you a lot of production, market demand has changed, the product backlog in the warehouse, clearance sales into the marketing business, the main work is the daily work. The crux of the problem is these enterprises lack of market research activities and forward-looking analysis, forecasting, lack of market potential excavation and induced, this result can only is led by the nose by the market to upgrade to "create" the high state of the market. The cause of this situation, on the one hand is marketing staff lack of knowledge and improper methods; but the fundamental reason is that, marketing department personnel equipped with thin marketing functions depletion. There is no specialized market information department, there is no special person to do market research and analysis, but also did not entrust
Have a professional market research institutions to do market research activities.

1.3 full marketing is not done, the marketing department obtained enough support and cooperation. The functional activity of the enterprise must cooperate with each other, form a whole, but this does not mean all the activities are equally important, in the current market conditions, marketing is the most important work and other departments is directly or indirectly for the marketing activities to provide services and. In fact, marketing is not just a matter of marketing department, but the business of all departments and personnel. The importance of marketing work, in essence, due to the importance of the market. Other activities and marketing work with the support of not
Lee, on the one hand, the impact on the market reaction rate of enterprises, on the other hand will greatly affect customer satisfaction.But the current daily-use ceramics enterprises in China departments lack of coordination of the phenomenon is still serious.

1.4 of the sales staff is not perfect or even obsolete. Enterprise sales incentive, divided into two levels, one is the incentive to the marketing department of the enterprise, the two is the marketing department of the salesman's incentive. From the actual effect, the two levels of incentive effects are not ideal. The most serious problem is the lack of control of corporate executives on sales activities, the assessment system and the content is not perfect. From the control perspective, a more serious problem is the enterprise product sales price control of credit. For the sales price of the products, it is changing with the market, enterprises should set up specialized institutions and personnel to collect price information, for corporate executives to set prices provide an important basis, and such institutions and personnel must distribution and separate, directly responsible for corporate executives. But now the daily use of ceramic enterprises almost no such institutions and personnel, so the price of the market is mainly based on the market feedback of the marketing department of information, which is not scientific and vulnerabilities can be imagined. From the marketing department of the assessment, one is evaluation index set unreasonable, assessment index marketing rate of only, occupy Waiqian payment, product inventory amount, credit raw material costs, and the important profits and the actual amount of back index but not included in the assessment; second, test the core index. Method is not scientific, the management to the clerk from the marketing department, there are by product, region, planning is not perfect, imperfect system of rewards and penalties, lack of a variety of incentives and in a great extent eating from the same big pot and problems. Incentive mechanism is not perfect, straight Connected to the marketing department and marketing personnel lack of enthusiasm, sales performance is not ideal.

1.5 new product R & D efforts not enough, slow response to the market, there is no doubt, new product innovation is enterprises to grasp the market initiative assurance, is the foundation of enterprise's sustainable development, with the improvement of people's income and education levels, and personalized demand growth, market to Japan with the demand for ceramic products by the original single to diversification, high-grade technology, high quality and quantitative, dynamic change. This shift requires enterprises to change the mode of development, adjust product structure, closely monitor the changes in the industrial market and the end of the market, and make timely response. However, most of the daily use of ceramic enterprises serious shortage of R & D personnel, it is not able to do a good job in the development of new products, often in the market which kind of device Type of good sales, we all go to imitation, and the lack of their own new products.

1.6 crisis consciousness, lack of momentum. Can not see their own advantages, they lack confidence; and do not see their own weaknesses, the lack of development of power. Daily-use ceramics enterprises as a traditional business, in actual operation, neither to their own advantage, meaning did not dare to face their weaknesses, will not be able to effectively to respond to the market, not in each other's process development.

1.7 market positioning is not accurate, not careful. Positioning is not clear, can not find the feeling of the market, not the pulse of the market, it is difficult to get the stable customer group identity, achieve the strategic goal of the company is the lack of adequate protection. But the current domestic ceramic enterprises in the product's strengths and weaknesses and target marketing etc. there are defects.

1.8 lack the necessary professional training of marketing personnel. Although previous marketing personnel were also more training activities, but less time, and most of them are focused on the general theory of training, lack of systematic, regular professional training. Basic knowledge and skills of the part of the marketing staff lack of marketing, inappropriate practice in actual work, the actual performance will directly or indirectly affect sales.

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