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The Difference Between High White Porcelain And Bone China

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-22

The difference between high white porcelain and Fine Bone China Mugs Suppliers:

1.The difference between firing temperature. High white porcelain is 1350 degrees high temperature firing, Bone China is generally 1200 degrees temperature. This is mainly clay material, high white porcelain is the unique kaolin, bone porcelain with dirt aren't high white porcelain exquisite, not as high as the requirement of high white porcelain, in general, earth to join the ashes of animals to increase the whiteness.

2.The difference between the color and hardness of porcelain: high white porcelain is pure white, porcelain is milk white. This is because the reason caused by the sintering temperature and clay raw material. Color high white porcelain glaze porcelain never, generally 4 years or so will be yellow. So we have basically heard of the collection of ancient porcelain in Jingdezhen, such as the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain, the Ming Dynasty blue and white, but basically did not hear the collection of a hundred years of bone china.

There is a porcelain hardness contrast. High white porcelain strong hardness, not easy to hurt the glaze. It is easy to hurt bone porcelain glaze. The most simple verification method, with a hard object in both porcelain scraping or uniform, you can see the high white porcelain traces are not, bone porcelain but left a trail. So the ossein porcelain manufacturers in the sales usually tell you if there are scratches can be used toothpaste gently burnish, if you have tea stains can be with lemon juice or vinegar to clean can be.

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