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Advantages of ceramic mug cup custom ceramic tea mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Advantages of ceramic mug cup
Drinking water to choose the glass and ceramic material of the cup, this is no doubt. But the ceramic cup in addition to drinking water, non-toxic, tasteless; drink coffee is conducive to heat preservation and other characteristics, what are the advantages of ceramic cup it?
Ceramic cup is almost our most common products, whether it is daily necessities or decorations are often used in ceramics. Take the ceramic cup, we also used a lot of life in peacetime, but with the development of cheap plastic cup and metal cup, the number of people using the ceramic cup or decline, but the ceramic cup and plastic cup and metal cup is the most healthy comparison.
That is to say that the use of ceramic cup drink tea or drink what are the benefits?
1, ceramic cup and plastic cup less than the plastic cup of harmful gases and substances, according to experts

confirmed the possibility of long-term use of plastic cups of plastic.
2, ceramic cup is completely harmless, it will not be like the metal cup, long-term use will have the possibility of ingestion of harmful metals.
3, due to the existence of ceramic cup and the molten iron is not directly in contact with the carbon brick, from structure design to ease the hot metal and alkaline substances in penetration of carbon brick, erosion, erosion and other damage and the Mo mullite, corundum, etc. are the low thermal conductivity of advanced ceramic materials, has a high resistance to corrosion and erosion resistance. The elimination of large brick brittle layer.
4, improve the temperature of molten iron, reduce the heat loss: ceramic cup is by than low carbon conductive materials, the barrier effect, thus reducing the furnace bottom and hearth heat expel lost. Accordingly, the molten iron can be kept at a high temperature, which creates favorable conditions for the production of the converter in the next step.
5, easy to re wind operation: due to the insulation of the ceramic cup, during the blast off the wind, heat loss reduction, is conducive to the recovery of the normal operation of the complex wind.
6, to prevent leakage of molten iron: due to C isotherm iron hydrogel fixed line close to the lining the inner surface of the migrated again near the support due to the refractory material expansion slightly positive residual expansion makes the brick joints are reduced, thus the penetration of molten iron is limited so that the hearth burning through to minimize the risk.
Ha ha, ceramic cup is not only good in the use of light, but also a good choice to send friends gifts! If it is a unique color cup, it is more innovative in it, you are not fond of it?
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