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healthy ceramic mugs cups drinkware Production process of ceramic cup mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
healthy ceramic mugs cups drinkware
1, Pug: from the mine to take porcelain stone, the water ground to fine, washing, removing impurities, settling into brick shaped mud. And then reconcile the water mud, remove the dregs, knead by hand, or by foot trample, the mud squeezed out of the air, and make the mud water in uniform.
2, drawing: a throw mud on the turntable center jigger, with manual flexion and drawn generally like blank.
3, India: blank impression is the appearance according to the inner arc cutting, the body is covered to semi dry on the mold, uniform by patting the outer wall of the blank, and then release.
4, trimming: barrel body is covered on the car, turning the wheel, rotary cutting knife, the body proper thickness, and smooth, this is a technically demanding procedure.
5, drying: forming billet placed on the gallows drying.
6, carved: bamboo, bone tools or iron in the body is dry or half dry on the portray pattern.
7, glazing: ordinary round by dipping the glaze (glaze bowl in the billet, then along with a glazed flush immediately forward) or swing glaze (glaze slurry injection in the billet will shake down about the uniform glaze, glaze and then quickly drained the excess), Zhuo (relative "circle" in terms of "circle" refers to the drawing method of forming circular vessels such as bowls, plates and dishes etc.. The forming process of complex containers, such as bottles, cans, pots, etc. respect, it is called "Zhuo") or a large circle blowing glaze (method is covered with bamboo yarn, dipped in glaze with mouth blown, so repeatedly, the blank surface can have a uniform thickness of glaze layer).
8, the time about a day, the temperature at 1300 degrees celsius. The first brick kiln kiln door, ignition, fuel is the pine wood, piling technical guidance, test fire Hou, master of kiln temperature changes, a cease-fire time.
9, colored glaze color: such as colorful, pastels, on firing porcelain glaze depicting patterns, fill color, red oven baked reentry at low temperature, a temperature of about 700 DEG --800 deg. In addition, before the kiln in the body in fetal painting, such as blue, underglaze red, called underglaze red, which is characterized in high temperature color glaze, never fade.
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