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ceramic mugs cups cleaning of ceramic cup mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Cleaning of ceramic  mug
The cup of tea and coffee stains with toothpaste or salt cleaning, the effect is very good
Usage: put the glass of water rinse (without water), and then use dry salt or toothpaste in the cup wall above the rub, then rinse with water
Whether it is salt or salt or can do, we can help to remove the cup of tea stains, then we can use the finger dipped in tea, and above the brush, not two or three minutes, you will find tea magically disappeared! And it is not easy to hurt the cup body.
Citrus peel
Sometimes hit the old dirt, how time brushing brush is not clean, how to do? Don't worry! At this time may wish to look in the kitchen with the leftover lemon, or after the orange peel to throw it away! A cup of coffee, use a little vinegar or lemon slices to wipe the rim, and if the coffee pot, we can put lemon slices, wrapped in the upper part of the coffee pot, add water to the full. The coffee to cook a lemon, let it drop a drop into the bottom of the pot. When the coffee pot is yellow and drop out, this is evidence of citric acid remove coffee stains. Generally speaking, two times or so you can clean the coffee pot is finished.
Peel and salt
If the skin to replace the abrasive cloth, then dipped in salt, and then used to scrub tea, also can achieve good results! If there is no fruit peel, the use of a little vinegar will have the same effect.
Kitchen bleach
The kitchen bleach diluted in the first big pot, then put the cup into the soak one night, the next day with water after cleaning, tea magically clean the rim
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