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drink water ceramic mugs cups ceramic embossed mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Drink water ceramic mugs cups

Drink water to pick up the glass and ceramic material of the cup, on this point
There is no doubt. But in addition to the ceramic cup is non-toxic, tasteless;
Drink coffee is conducive to heat preservation and other characteristics, the ceramic cup and what are the best
What about it?
1, the ceramic cup and plastic cup, compared with the plastic cup brought
Harmful gases and substances, according to experts confirmed that long-term use of plastic cups
Potential for cancer.
2, the ceramic cup is completely harmless, it will not be like the metal cup, long-term use will have the possibility of harmful metals
3, because of the presence of ceramic cup does not directly make molten iron and carbon brick
Contact, from the structural design of the metal to ease the hot metal and alkaline substances on carbon
The infiltration, erosion, erosion, etc., and the use of brick
Stone, Zong Gangyu, and so are the high thermal conductivity of the advanced ceramic materials, with
Has a high resistance to erosion and erosion resistance. The elimination of large brick
Brittle layer.ceramic embossed mugs
Ha ha, the ceramic cup is not only a lot of advantages in the use of, and
And it is a good choice to send friends gifts! If it is unique to change
Color cup, it is more innovative in it, you, Is it right? Tempted?
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