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Christmas ceramic coffee cup mug How to choice coffee cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Christmas ceramic coffee  mug

With the accelerated pace of life, and now many people love and coffee, such as free a few necessary coffee cup to, a common coffee cups with ceramic cup, stainless steel, plastic cups, paper cups and so on. Compared to a variety of coffee cups, have their own advantages and disadvantages, so in the purchase of the above to be based on their own circumstances and set. Stainless steel coffee cup, mainly composed of metal elements, in general, is relatively stable, but in the acidic environment, it is possible to dissolve, drink coffee, orange juice and other acidic drinks, the use of stainless steel is not safe. So if you really practical stainless steel coffee cup, you should try to drink the cup of coffee. Paper coffee cup is mainly used to facilitate rapid, but in health, the qualified rate is not guaranteed, if the cup is not qualified to bring great potential hazards. So it is not advisable to refer to coffee. Plastic coffee cup in the hot coffee, some toxic chemicals are very easy to dilute into the water, and the cup of plastic inside the surrounding structure caused by a lot of pores, hidden stains, etc., clean and easy to produce bacteria. In the purchase of this type of coffee cup, it is recommended to buy a better heat resistance and the bottom is marked with "5" of the PP material. Glass coffee cup to fill the coffee can be said to be healthy and safe, and easy to clean, but because of its heat resistance is not good, so much to choose a glass of iced coffee, hot coffee in the selection of ceramic cup. Favorite is the ceramic coffee cup, ceramic coffee cup selection must first consider is to choose no glaze colored ceramic cup, especially wall to colorless. This cup is not only material safe, high temperature, and the relative heat preservation effect. Series of ceramic bone china cups is most suitable for the installation of coffee, because the bone china cup is made of baked high clay, light texture, color and soft, high density, good heat insulation effect and the like, the bone china coffee cup can make coffee in the cup cooling slowly, let the taste taste slowly.
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