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German Meissen (Meissen) custom ceramic mugs

18th century, Chinese porcelain became very popular European monarchs and aristocrats collection. European countries will wish to develop their own wares. January 23, 1710, the court of Saxony in Germany with the Dutch, French, Latin and German Supreme Decree issued, announced that the European porcelain was invented successfully, and established the Royal Meissen porcelain factory. Meissen porcelain adhere to the manual operation, with great care. Today, Meissen in Germany is second only to Porsche's second-largest brand.

UK Wedgwood (Wedgwood)

Founded in the 18th century, the Russian Empress Ekaterina II, who have specially crafted tableware. In 1793, the British ambassador to the Chinese mission, Wedgwood china is one of the gifts dedicated to the Emperor Qianlong. The famous "Roman Portland" vase now in the possession of the British Museum, became a British national treasure.

Royal Doulton (Royal Doulton)

Founded in 1815, Britain's largest export manufacturer of bone china. Royal Doulton china is one of many Western brands, the only one dedicated to the development of Chinese dishes.

Danish Royal Copenhagen (Royal Copenhagen)

Royal Copenhagen 1775 Danish Queen Mother Mary Julianne supplies and gifts for the production of the royal family and in particular the establishment of the Queen's porcelain factory is proud of David, Denmark.

Japan Noritake (Noritake)

Noritake Co., Ltd. is not only a porcelain manufacturer, is also high-tech industrial materials, electronic components manufacturer. Founded in 1904, Noritake porcelain has always been committed to the integration of art and high tech elements in their products
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