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Red glaze ceramic cup ceramic glaze color cup The origin and the invention of the color changing cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Red glaze ceramic cup ceramic glaze color cup

Believe ceramic mug, that every person has the experience of being burned in the water, a fast food company and even because the customer was burned and paid high compensation. Although many fast food restaurants and hot beverage cup are marked with the words reminded, but the salesman or to trouble to remind each and every customer. , of course, if the cup wall not too thick, will be able to use the hand to touch know inside whether the beverage can be drunk, but the cup wall thin, cups are not insulated carrying will very convenient, this contradiction is particularly evident in the provision of takeaway coffee service of the restaurant is.
Finally, an inventor thought of the invention of a "smart" lid, which is itself a coffee color, when the cup is very high temperature, the steam is very hot, the lid will be transformed into bright red, when the temperature is reduced, it will turn back to the coffee color. So, as long as the customer to see one eye to know the temperature of the drink is not suitable for drinking.custom gold ceramic mug
Nicholas grew up in his father's coffee shop, and in the last 15 years he was running a number of coffee shops. In his work, he found that customers would be two reasons for coffee burns, one is that they underestimate the temperature of coffee, and the other reason is that the coffee cup lid is not covered, and then it may cause more serious burns. Maybe Nicholas was not the first person to think about the problem, but he realized that it would be a very broad market.
Later, a kind of material that can change with temperature caused Nicholas's attention, he discovered, have this kind of function of the color can be very good to solve these two problems. When the lid is good, the cup should be completely sealed, once the position is not, the steam will run out of the gap, the position of the lid color will change.
However, it is not easy to apply this material in the cup is not easy, Nicholas spent 4 years to develop the magic of the lid. Matsui, a manufacturing company, has never produced such a thin product before.
This will change the lid has been put into production, has been made in Australia and the Asia Pacific region of the license, is applying for the sale of Europe and the United states. Nicholas is in the world to apply for patents related to multiple regions.
At the same time, Nicholas began to develop the second generation of products. In the research and development process, they can be found in a variety of colors for temperature indicator. Taking into account the fast food market is very sensitive to the cost of change, in the first generation of products, Nicholas chose two kinds of coffee color and bright red color, which makes the cost difference between old and new coffee cup can be controlled within a penny. However, some customers may have more special requirements, as long as a little bit more money, it may produce more features of the product, so as to bring a different experience to the user. For example, to make the lid of different companies to change into a different color, or when the lid is covered with a personalized information.
Although this is only a small invention, but it may bring huge commercial value. Imagine: for each coffee cup to increase this new function as long as 1 cents, the United States can consume 50000000000 such cups every year, if coupled with the use of other countries, as well as more extensive use, the economic potential of immeasurable.
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