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Christams ceramic mugs cups Such as the fate of ceramic cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Christmas Ceramic Mugs cups

Just went to college, to participate in military training for that moment, the boy noticed the most beautiful girl in the class. At night, the girls often stand in front of the team. Sitting in front of the boys, always shouting at her, a song sung, another song.
Once, the girls even sang three songs, the boys are still screaming. Then, quietly sitting in the back, he suddenly stood up and pulled his voice, shouted: "can't sing, voice singing the dumb." Everyone is one Leng first, then have to make fun of him, never know. The girl is nothing, but he was ashamed to face red.
A beautiful girl, and her talent, like countless people. Is a boy's bedroom, plus he has three people.
The Christmas season, the boys to girls have the opportunity to show that now. The cup was a popular gift. A cup means "a lifetime."". And the boys with the bedroom of the two boys, also gave the cup to the girl. One is stainless steel insulation Cup, the other is a set of different forms of glass. The boy used a few dollars, bought a ceramic cup, quietly asked the girl roommate gave her. We reprove the boy is stingy, not willing to spend money like chasing girls.
To see the expensive heat preservation cup, the exquisite wine glass, the girl is very excited. Throughout the winter, she has been inseparable with insulation cup to drink water; will the glass also gladly gave the bedroom and sisters. The ceramic cup but insignificant, is still in the corner, when the pen.
The boy always do things for the girls. On the study, he gave the girl a good seat. Second days, the wind or rain, the night before, the girl the boy received the information, to remind her clothes, don't catch a cold. Often, the girl will complain that he is so boring, ignore him; but he was always gentle to the girl a face smile.
Day long, stainless steel vacuum cups, unknowingly has no longer insulation; delicate wine cup, also be roommate broke away. At this time, the girl remembered, throw in the corner of the dust of the ceramic cup. Take out the wash, pour boiling water, holding the warm, not hot. Steamy girl's cheek. Instantly, the boy's plot, suddenly emerge constantly in mind. For six months, the boy did not like the other to pursue a fierce attack, and just quietly hiding in the corner, quietly waiting. The girl's mobile phone still dozens of boy reminded her clothes against cold information. Suddenly, she felt, in fact, the boy has been in her not far from the place, quiet and quiet care for her.
Hands tightly holding the ceramic cup, the girl thought: insulation cup is good, can eventually no longer holding the day; glass is very delicate, but is not commonly used, and also the fragile; only the ceramic cup, both in summer and winter can be used, no matter to pour to heat the water, it is always warm but not scalding hands.
Come up with the phone, the girl gave the boy the first message: do you want to do my ceramic cup?
I've always been your ceramic cup! Just ten words a boy, let the girl with tears. She told herself: to love to choose a ceramic cup like a boy, ordinary mild, dependable and reliable.
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