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Porcelain decorative techniques

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Printing: with Wholesale Nestle ceramic mugs engraved with decorative pattern stamping, in given photo-cell and has not yet dry when given photo-cell and MoYin in above of a kind of adornment techniques. Spring and autumn and warring states when printing grain hard ceramic that has been used extensively, thereafter, become our country welding.they illuminative one of traditional techniques. Song set kiln printing porcelain most representative.

HuaHua: refers to the porcelain billet with sharp underline line pattern of a kind of adornment techniques. The song dynasty is popular, design has flowers, characters, birds, longfeng etc.

Engraved designs: use tool in porcelain billet carve decorations patterns techniques. Characteristic is bigger, line is forcibly HuaHua deep and wide. In the northern song dynasty yaozhou kiln engraved designs implements the most famous.

Carved flowers: which pattern porcelain billet, decorative pattern outside part of a kind of adornment culling technique. Its characteristic is convex decorative pattern, with stereo feeling. The northern song dynasty carved flowers began with magnetic state kiln department, brown to white's most distinctive. Jinyuan when shanxi district kilns also popular, black glaze carved flower is having a unique style.

Applique: adopt MoYin or pinching plastic method, so as to tire clay all sorts of decorative pattern design, and then stick on billet body on a kind of adornment techniques. Tang changsha kiln green glair brown spot decals artifacts, and henan "county kiln tri-colored glazed pottery decals adornment are into temporary prominence.tea mugs ceramic gold suppliers

Paper-cut decals: use traditional clipart, will paper-cut pattern transplanted into porcelain is a decoration techniques. The song dynasty jiangxi JiZhouYao original. As in black tea lamp that containers, glaze decorated with wintersweet, MuYe, LuanFeng, butterfly pattern such as, paper-cut effect significantly, unique local characteristics.

Dedication: refers to the significant position in artifacts, sketch the long, square, round, lozenge, cloud and petals, such as the column frame, which shape again painted flowers painting, design, have outstanding theme role. Because of this method is house Windows see light, friend name dedication. The yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain, youligong porcelain commonly used. When the dedication of the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain decorative more colorful.

MiaoJin: to draw gu burn open porcelain again on a decoration techniques. The SongDing kiln BaiYou MiaoJin and black glaze MiaoJin are implements handed down. Literature has SongDing kiln "in garlic juice adjustable gold painted the record. Since then, the liao, jin, yuan, Ming, qing porcelain MiaoJin coloured drawing or pattern when see somewhat.

Hollow-out: refers to the device on billet valuable.such handiwork pattern of a kind of adornment techniques. Qing qianlong hollow-out process when reach on top. Have hollow out of turn, hollow-out heart bottle of bottle, is exquisite work etc

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