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ceramic mugs with logo printing How to choose ceramic mugs?

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ceramic mugs with logo printing

1. First, note the cover is appropriate, we know that the ceramic lid allows water to cool so quickly, if the lid cover up inappropriate, such words may be defective, it will also affect the future use.
2. Listen to the sound, finger flick, should issue clear, melodious voice, then this delicate porcelain dense, if hoarse voice, then the inferior porcelain, can not buy.
3. Drink plenty of water when the mouth come into contact with the vessel wall, so the top of the outside of the vessel wall, which is where the mouth of the contact can not have a pattern, and the inner wall is best not to have a pattern. Because these decorative glaze containing traces of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, difficult long-term use. The human body has certain hazards.
The touch surface. Look is smooth, look for cracks, holes, black spots, if it seems as smooth as glass, the product is better.
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