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Bone china ceramic mugs,gift ceramic cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Bone china ceramic mug,gift ceramic cups

Bone china is the most high-end porcelain recognized species in the world, according to international standards, bone containing the ashes of more than 25% of the herbivores, is environmentally friendly green consumer goods. Compared to normal ceramic firing process alone hold contents and carbon makes bone appear more white bone china, delicate, transparent, lightweight. Ceramic originated in China, but bone was founded in the United Kingdom, it has long been dedicated British royal porcelain, Domination of the United States. Just now, bone china is the master identity and status symbol. Since the cattle bone meal can increase the hardness and transmittance of porcelain, bone china can do so thin than porcelain. The cups were placed in the light and observation, careful composition, translucent bone china products without impurities is preferred. Bone china and ceramic are graded the same, usually texture, manufacturing technology and painted design depends on the material. The higher the bone series, making difficult the higher the more expensive finished product. Bone china has many outstanding advantages: fine texture, whole body is milky white, translucent in the light, the most valuable is much lighter than regular ceramic, combined with ornate decoration, so pay attention to supporting bone china tableware, each set There is a poetic name, such as "Love for All Seasons," "Lotus Pond", "clear autumn Yayun", etc., each set of tableware patterns all with a face, creating an atmosphere, which, according to the owner's home decor, choose the style bone china tableware with a reasonable, to see that the owner's personality and style of.
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