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super star also like ceramic mugs cups Ming Dynasty kiln five

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
super star also like ceramic mugs cups

Five famous kilns, namely Ru, official, Jun, brother, be.
Ru is the late Northern Song Dynasty kiln Huizong established between before and after less than 20 years. Kiln in Henan Ruzhou God Hou town, hence the name. Ru celadon-based, there are powder blue glaze, green beans, egg blue, astaxanthin, etc., Ru porcelain body thin glaze layer is thick with jade-like texture, very fine glazed opening film.
Kiln is Huizong between governance and built in the capital Kaifeng, kiln has not been found. The main celadon kiln, Daguan, glaze with moonlight, powder blue, large and green the most popular. Official porcelain body thick, azure glaze slightly pink color, glazed open big profile piece.
Ding is one of the "five famous kilns," Song for the kilns. Was built in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Northern Song Dynasty,
Quyang County, magnetic stream, Yanchuan and Lingshan various villages and towns, where the Tang Dynasty Dingzhou, it is known as Ding. Ding to burn white-based, fine porcelain, quality thin light, moist glaze jade.
Ware Ware divided government, civil Ware. Officer Ware is Ru Huizong years after the establishment of the second seat kiln. Ware widely distributed in Henan Yu County (called when Junzhou), named Jun, and gossip hole kiln within the county and Juntai kiln most famous royal porcelain firing all kinds. Jun porcelain glaze is a must, ever-changing, red, blue, green, white, purple cross with fusion, illuminating as heavenly clouds, Song Dynasty poet once said that "sunset Alexandrite suddenly into the haze," praise.
Ge is one of the five famous kilns in the South Song Dynasty, has yet to find the exact kilns. According to historical legends born a chapter, chapter two brothers born in Liangzhe the State Department, Longquan County, the construction of a kiln, brother built kiln called "Ge", his brother built the kiln called "kiln brother", but also He said Zhang kiln, Longquan kilns.
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