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Guangzhou colour porcelain

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6

ide color's full wholesale ceramic mugs with lid name is "guangzhou zhijin colour porcelain". Wide color production started with the qing emperor kangxi years, already had the history of more than 300 years. At guangzhou craftsman to borrow western "golden womb burn enamel" technique, use imported materials, created a "cupreous embryo burn enamel", and this method after used in white CiTai, becoming famous colored enamel porcelain, this is the guangzhou color of germination. In the early nineteenth century, wide color began to China as models for porcelain decorative pattern brocade satin weave, anamorphosis, called "ground", with jinshui weave, after the development of "zhijin ground" and generally used in all kinds of porcelain, become a wide color design and color, formed the basis of modern wide color "zhijin colour porcelain" characteristic. Since being used for breast gold color, colour more splendid gorgeous, zhijin scattered. Resplendent, gradually formed a wide color "DuiJinJiYu" a unique style.

 Just as its name implies, so-called zhijin colour porcelain is in various white tire porcelain glaze on the draw on aureate decorative pattern design, as if the brocade embroider on with flowery colour elegant of million wisp, then use the low temperature gold-rimmed roasting and into. Wide color with their noble gorgeous characteristic, has attracted sino-foreign plute noble's favorite, ching listed some foreign royal noble tribute, appoint officers came to guangzhou to buy. Then simply by European traders who brought colour porcelain by Chinese businessman pattern according to the requirements for export, ceramic mug manufacturers. Then the guangdong businessmen from jingdezhen porcelain bloom, shipped by jiangxi powder wariety skill imitates the western painting the method chosen coloured drawing or pattern, again roasting and into. Later Ming choi wide color artist inherited porcelain art characteristics, absorbing western drawing, painting with lingnan local characteristics of pattern, gradually formed unique artistic style, lingnan and many designs fixed down, a very traditional color of flowers, such as basket, longfeng, butterfly, goldfish and ancient characters, etc. The most commonly used photographic composition is surrounded with lace pattern out several different shapes Spaces, in the space NaHui with flowers, physical scene and characters. Also have not set up circle lattice, is full of flowers coloured drawing or pattern, performance of a flower, the colorful flowers picture.

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