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ceramic beer mugs cups ceramic beverage cups Ceramic cup decorative type

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic beer ceramic mug beverage cups

Printing - a plain ceramic decoration techniques. With decorative patterns engraved impression when body has not been printed on the body dry,
Hence the name. When the Warring States stamped hard pottery already widely used since then, it has become one of China's traditional ceramics decorative techniques. Song
Ding porcelain printing the most representative.
Scratching - a porcelain decorative techniques. Like tool to draw lines with a sharp decorative patterns on the porcelain bodies, hence the name. Song prevailed,
Flowers, birds, characters, dragon and phoenix patterns and have made all kinds.
Engraved - a porcelain decorative techniques. Knives carve decorative patterns on the porcelain bodies, hence the name. Which is characterized by greater force
, Lines more scratching deep and wide. Song prevailed in northern Yaozhou carved the most famous artifacts.
Tick flower - a porcelain decorative techniques. Draw patterns on the porcelain bodies, excluding the portion other than the pattern, make pattern projection
, Hence the name. Northern Song Dynasty Cizhou Department began to brown to white the most features. Jin and Yuan Dynasty kilns in Shanxi Province Yipo popular
Black glaze tick flower unique.
Pearl to scratching - a porcelain decorative techniques. On the draw Huaci blank to fill the gap at the thin, dense engraved pearl pattern, so
Name, began in the Late Tang Dynasty kiln Mi County, Henan, Song Pop Henan, Hebei, Shanxi various kilns in Henan Dengfeng most unique kiln product.
Applique - a decorative ceramic techniques. Screen printing or dough using other methods to tread mud made into all kinds of patterns, and then
After affixed to the body, hence the name. Celadon kiln of Tang Dynasty and sand brown spots decals thereof, and pottery kilns in Henan Gong county decorative decals are smelling
Name moment.
Cutting decals - a porcelain decorative techniques. Paper cutting is a traditional folk art of the paper-cut patterns transplanted to porcelain
Decorative on, hence the name. Song Jiang Xiji Kiln original, in the black glaze tea cup is decorated with plum blossom, Konoha, happy couple, Vanessa
And other patterns, paper-cut effect is remarkable, with strong local characteristics.
Opening - a porcelain decorative techniques. In significant parts of the artifacts, hook Le a long, square, round, diamond, cloud head, petal
And other shaped columns frame, inside painted pattern, highlighting the theme ornamentation. This method is like a window to light the house, hence the name. Song Jizhou Kiln Kam opened using light painting technique, made good decorative effect. Yuan Dynasty blue and white, the widespread use of underglaze red porcelain; Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain
The opening of more colorful decoration.
Makeup soil - a way to beautify the tire color. To compensate for the impact porcelain color on the green tire deposited a layer of white clay, tread smooth white to enhance the coloring glaze, clay used in this method that is called soil makeup. Makeup earth began when the Western Jin Zhejiang Wuzhou kiln
Celadon, white porcelain Sui and Tang dynasties in northern widely used in the Song Dynasty porcelain Cizhou system is also very common, especially in the use of more multi-flowering varieties tick.
Gilt - a decorative ceramic techniques. Gold color painted on ceramics, and then fired, hence the name. Song Ding has white glaze
Gilt and black glaze gilt is handed down, according to historical records, the Song Ding "painted gold with garlic tune." Since then Liao, Jin, Yuan,
Bright, clear when you see gilt painted on porcelain.
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