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Ceramic coasting mug cups drinkware Metallic ceramic coating Profile

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Ceramic  mug cups drinkware

Metallic ceramic coating is applied to the metal surface means heat-resistant inorganic protective layer or surface film in general ceramic mugs. He can change the morphology, structure and chemical metal bottom outer surface material, and gave new performance base material. Many types of coating; its composition can be divided into silicate coating, oxide coating, non-oxide coatings and composite ceramic coating, etc., according to the process can be divided into melting coating, spray coating , vapor deposition and diffusion coatings, low-temperature baking coating, electrochemical processes coating, sol - gel coatings and coatings in situ in-situ reaction; can be divided according to their performance and use temperature coating (including temperature, heat, infrared radiation coating, etc.), heat-resistant coating (including high temperature oxidation, corrosion, heat protection coatings, etc.), friction coating (including anti-friction, wear and lubrication coating), electrical properties coatings (including conductive, insulating coating, etc.), the special properties of the coating (including electromagnetic wave absorption, anti-atomic radiation coating, etc.) and process performance coatings.
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