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Avengers 2 ceramic mugs, promotional gift cups premium Porcelain

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Avengers 2 ceramic mugs, promotional gift cups premium

Specific definition of porcelain is generally believed, it must have the following few can be called porcelain:
1, porcelain clay of fetal material must be. The main ingredient is kaolin clay and contains feldspar, quartz, mullite composition; low iron content. After high temperature firing, tire color white, having transparency or translucency; carcass water absorption less than 1%, or non-absorbent.
2, porcelain carcass must calcination 1200--1300, only with the physical properties of the porcelain. 3, the applied glaze porcelain surface must be together under high temperature and porcelain fired vitreous enamel.
4, after the firing of porcelain, the carcass must be hard and firm, dense, knocking it can send out a clear crisp metallic sound.
Of the Shang and Zhou dynasties had appeared in the original porcelain, and in 1800 before the Eastern Han Dynasty, will be able to produce a mature porcelain. Historical Documents, the Western Han wooden slips unearthed in Mawangdui, we have the "porcelain" word; and the Jin Xu Shen in the "Wen said," in the words of porcelain also made a detailed explanation, said porcelain is "watts Kennedy who is also. " However, the origin of porcelain, with the deepening of research work, and modern scientific methods of research used porcelain, The Origin of the Shang and Zhou currently accounts for an overwhelming advantage.
The emergence of porcelain for human culture and material set up a monumental milestone. Since porcelain rugged, clean appearance, easy to corrosion, and low than gold, silver, copper, jade, lacquer ware costs, and raw materials are very widespread, abundant reserves, which has developed rapidly, and soon of metal and lacquer ware and substituting it has become an indispensable material life component.
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