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Milk tea ceramic mugs cups Delicate blue and white porcelain

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Milk tea ceramic mugs cups

In the Qing Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain and exquisite chefs cleverly combined to form the exquisite blue and white porcelain everyone likes. Delicate and green transparent turquoise blue color is blue and white set off each other and glorified, it gives a special beauty. This both Carved porcelain art, there are blue and white features, it is simple and fresh. After the liberation of exquisite porcelain rapid development, products in addition to Chinese and Western dishes, tea, coffee, stationery, and other daily-use porcelain, there were kind of vases, lamps and other furnishings porcelain. In recent years, the development of color is more exquisite, exquisite eggshell skin more beautiful lights and other arts and crafts porcelain.
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