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Winnie ceramic mugs cups Porcelain Revolution

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Winnie ceramic mugs cups

Porcelain Revolution suggests that it is the "Cultural Revolution" period manufactured porcelain body more than a "Cultural Revolution" screen and the "Cultural Revolution" quotations and other decorations. There are political tasks to complete the creation of art, with a strong sense of the times, variety modeling diverse, sophisticated technology and so the system works. There are porcelain, porcelain pots, pots, porcelain, bowl, etc. in a large number of daily necessities, the multi statue of Mao Zedong, Chairman Mao is more common. 30 years ago, the "Cultural Revolution" porcelain everywhere, people only think of it as daily necessities. And now because of its special status, the "Cultural Revolution" porcelain value multiplied and become more distinctive collection of items in many categories of goods during the Cultural Revolution collection. Health and porcelain
Health and porcelain, also known as the anti-porcelain, means that the glaze is not applied to any high temperature kiln, firing without glaze porcelain. The first born around Wanli porcelain produced in Jingdezhen kiln, to the Qing dynasty is even more common, fine. Its characteristics are: the body of both relief pattern, artifacts common in the text of the appliances.
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